Songa Energy has partnered with Virunga Power as an investor and co-developer of our projects in Burundi. Virunga Power was formed in 2011 as a developer, investor and operator of renewable power projects and rural distribution grids. Its focus is on megawatt-scale rural utility projects across several countries in east and southern Africa with a goal of bringing high quality and low-cost power to rural communities who lack reliable access to modern energy. The Virunga Power partnership brings investment funds and a strong team consisting of experienced professionals in development, finance, contracting, construction and operations.

Virunga Power recently closed a Series A corporate financing round with a total of US$ 5m invested from the Electrification Financing Initiative (“ElectriFI”) and the Renewable Energy Performance Platform (“REPP”) – see the Virunga Power Series A Press Release. In addition to their corporate investments, ElectriFI and REPP will pursue aligned investments in project capital expenditure to support the development and construction of Virunga Power’s growing portfolio of run-of-river small hydroelectric and rural community electrification projects. This new financing round will allow Virunga Power to deliver on its growth and investment strategy in Burundi with Songa Energy and elsewhere across the region.