Burundi is a small, densely populated, landlocked country in East Africa; and 90% of its 10.6 million inhabitants rely heavily on subsistence agriculture. The majority of its citizens lack adequate nutrition, unable to meet their basic daily caloric needs; and the country is emerging from an economic crisis that resulted after political turmoil in 2015. In 2020 the country underwent a peaceful Presidential election and transfer of power, and the country is re-engaging with development partners and business investors from around the world.

Songa Energy is focused on transforming Burundi’s foundational energy infrastructure, which has suffered from years of neglect and lack of investment. But we are planning well beyond basic hydroelectricity investments – knowing that without practical applications of power to improve agricultural transformation, healthcare, education, livelihoods and business, the people of Burundi will lack the necessary base for advancement and security. Our approach is fueled by our deep cultural knowledge of Burundi, our extensive technical and business experience, and our decades of living and working in Africa.

The business climate in Burundi is challenging for several reasons: a history of conflict, lack of human capacity and development, corruption – Burundi’s 2022 ranking on the Corruptions Perception Index is 171 out of 180 countries, and weak legal and judicial structures and transparency. In spite of these challenges, our team has been doing business in Burundi for over 20 years and we have seen steady improvement during that time. The government has prioritized the private sector and attracting foreign investment as the engine for long-term development of the country. Songa Energy is confident that the obstacles to operating a business in Burundi can be effectively negotiated, with integrity, resulting in opportunities and profits that are commensurate with the risk and challenges.

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